Was Inspired By A Wisecrack

It came in the midst of a week-long “Disability Management BootCamp” training class put on by Textron Inc. Attending the program were 28 employer-side professionals from all walks of business with varied backgrounds and titles yet having one thing in common: Workers’ Comp claims were part of their job description and they needed to increase that skill set.

Training leader Barry Thompson of Risk Acuity, LLC was facilitating an always popular “Stump the Instructors” segment where attendees, armed with active WC claims from their own companies, took turns asking questions. The expert instructors had no prior knowledge of the cases yet deftly provided insightful commentary and specific answers to all.

At the close of this particularly vibrant session, Thompson overheard a participant quip, “Forget the rest of this training – Can’t I just pay to keep asking questions?”

Thompson realized there was a truthful wish behind that that bit of wit which revealed an unmet need and business opportunity. He identified four parts to the unique essence of participant-experience in that training exercise:

  • 1. Participants have precious access to a group of top Workers Comp experts.
  • 2. The environment has no claim-file-communication formalities. Everyone can speak freely, often using interesting hypotheticals, anecdotes or “what I would do if this was my case…” perspectives.
  • 3. Instructors are happy and eager to give great responses and “win” this challenge; conjuring a level of enthusiasm that participants never experience with the adjusters and industry contacts they are stuck relying on day-to-day.
  • 4. Participants get immediate help and information on an actual claim, making their job easier and them more successful. Their satisfaction is personal.

Thompson envisioned a service that could catch this lightening in a bottle and bring it to the masses. Enlisting input from some hand-picked industry associates, Thompson designed and launched as an employer’s secret weapon against the status-quo marketplace of Workers’ Comp services.

Our delivery model is proudly unpretentious yet brings experts with track records and hands-on proficiency rivaling any “elite” professional services firm. is the only place where employer-side Workers’ Comp managers can confidently make “professional impulse-buys” of “rapid spot-knowledge” for only $125. The elegant simplicity in our service is of utmost value, because when it comes to Workers’ Comp claims we know that an employer’s needs are sporadic, urgent and cannot be planned for.

Welcome to the only service that truly understands and responds to the employer’s plight.