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Make Workers’ Comp Ignorance Your Advantage

  Employers: You may be missing opportunities to disrupt and re-focus wayward Workers’ Comp claims. You can end the usual reality of waiting for an adjuster to set a claim’s pace or strategy. Do you feel hesitant to ask for…Read More


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Three Claim Failures Your TPA Should Pay For

    It is time for TPAs to pay for their broken promises. Over years and decades, “TPA service” has coalesced into a data-algorithmic, process-efficient yet impact-deficient entity. National TPA providers are almost indistinguishable in their essence. Adjusting services alone…Read More

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Rise of the Workers’ Comp Warrior

  Employers need to define and fortify the position of Workers’ Comp Manager. It is a sad reality that this job often falls short of the impact and respect it deserves. It owns no distinct professional standard as compared with…Read More

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Work Comp Success: Neither Good Luck Nor Good Vendor

  The Work Comp service industry would have employers believe that the best Workers’ Comp outcomes require services of the “best” insurer, TPA, PPO and other vendors. Further, that the “best” process hinges primarily on reporting claims with limited-to-no lag…Read More


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How To Prevent “Fact-cidents”

  Every Workers’ Compensation claim is not preventable when you consider that some are deliberate. With due respect to the art and science of safety, preventing real physical accidents and repetitive traumas is essential. However, we need to be mindful…Read More