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Electronic Medical Records Are Bad For Our Health

  Patient care as we know and expect it will diminish due to Electronic Health Record (EHR) requirements. Society will suffer a slow degradation of artful interactive provider attention in deference to “data-field” medicine. I am not simply referring to…Read More

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Seven Ways To Improve Your WC Program Today

  You don’t need lots of resources to have better Workers’ Compensation claim results. I am regularly privileged to experience WC improvements with various employers. I have facilitated and witnessed episodes of fantastic turn-around success over many years. Some require…Read More


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A Tale of Two Claimants

  It was the best of claims; it was the worst of claims… the age of wisdom, the age of foolishness… belief vs. incredulity… hope vs. despair… etc., etc. This iconic opening paragraph makes one realize such conflicts do exist…Read More

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How Medicare Can Heal Workers’ Comp

I make the case that Workers’ Comp in every state should carve out its medical line and relinquish it to Medicare. The respective statutory systems for indemnity benefits would remain. This scenario, albeit challenging in execution, would correct the cause…Read More

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The Demolition of ProPublica’s Mission

  News flash for ProPublica: The term “Investigative Journalism” does not apply when the scope of “investigation” is selective and supporting only narrow conclusions that target an incomplete set of culprits and causes. ProPublica’s mission statement taken from their website…Read More


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Predictive Analytics versus Presumptive Action

  Plaintiff lawyers can teach us something about the limits of predictive modeling when it comes to Workers’ Comp claim processing. Simply stated, it is better to “presume” than to “predict”. Lawyer advertisements blatantly tap the mindset that employers, insurance…Read More


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FCE Quality Quest Part II: Electrodiagnostics

Last week’s “Quick Tips” topic on FCE improvement is a great lead-in to considering another level of related technology. Let’s explore Electrodiagnostics as arguably a more powerful advent in functional exam applications. First, recap what quality means in a Functional…Read More


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Take The Dysfunction Out Of Functional Exams

Functional Capacity Exams (FCE’s) are in dire need of quality standards. Employers who want better WC claim results must take the lead and demand changes as outlined herein. The FCE is intended to objectively point out what a patient can…Read More