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A Wellness Smell-Test

Here is a Wellness needs-analysis to help you choose the best approach for your company. Let us first remove marketplace influences. My offering herein is based on wordings, definitions, regulations and related government proposals from the Employee Benefits Security Administration,…Read More

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Did The Nurse Make It Worse?

Case management nurses can unwittingly hinder the control of Workers’ Comp claims. Consider the perfect storm of “assumptions” leading to disaster: An adjuster receives a claim requiring extended treatment, makes the standard screen-clicks to assign a nurse and diaries the…Read More

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Claims Industry Up A Profit Stream Without A Paddle

The 2014 WC Benchmarking Study by Rising Medical Solutions depicts a claims industry with nowhere to hide and a lot to answer for. This very detailed and intelligent survey deserves some serious attention. The survey is particularly revealing because it…Read More

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To Hellness with Wellness

It seems the only people made “well” from corporate wellness programs are those who collected $6 Billion* in annual costs. Still, all is not lost. If we use the most basic workings of human nature as a guide we can…Read More

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‘Tis the Season for a Holiday Settlement Spree!

If you have churning claims with no visible incentive to settle then consider the approaching holidays as a worthwhile opportunity. Most everyone wants extra cash for the holidays. Claimants are no different. This year, you should orchestrate a batch of…Read More