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Like it or Not, All Claims Are Personal

Society has a smoldering aversion to claim adjusters. The industry carries a stigma that challenges claimant/adjuster relations well before a new claim’s “initial contact” is made. The root cause is basic: adjusters don’t consider that each individual claim is exquisitely…Read More

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You Need A Dose Of Prescription Drug Control

Every employer should work to eliminate or improve the control of prescription narcotics in their WC program. The scary trends & statistics can be boiled-down to three axioms: 1) Increased dosage of narcotics does not correlate with improved claim outcomes….Read More

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The Net-Negative Value of Prescription Narcotics

The growing role of prescription narcotics in American medicine is unnecessary and dangerous. I don’t need doctor’s credentials to make this statement. Common sense in reviewing alarming trends makes it clear. I know many good physicians will take exception to…Read More

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Drug Testing for Prescriptions

How can employers place safety ahead of employees’ rights/needs to take certain prescription drugs? This issue is explored in a New York Times article from 10/24/10 titled “Drug Testing Poses Quandary for Employers”. The article chronicles Dura Automotive Systems and…Read More

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California Court Upholds Reform Deform

California employers have just incurred a costly blow. A recent appellate court ruling upholds a 2009 appeals board decision in the Milpitas Unified School District vs. Joyce Guzman case. The 2009 decision throws out AMA guidelines as the strict standard…Read More