References visitors and account holders along with WC Quicktips blog/newsletter visitors and subscribers are herein referred to as “Site-Users”. and the WC Quick-Tips blog/newsletter, as affiliated with Risk Acuity, LLC and including members of the affiliated Claim Answer Team, are collectively herein referred to as “This Site”. Affiliated industry experts who provide and communicate information and services in the ClaimAnswer transaction are referred to as the “Answer Team” and/or “Answer Team Members”

A “ClaimAnswer transaction” is the process by which a Site-User completes a single questionnaire and receives a single response for a single fee. This transaction is the core retail business activity of This Site. Information/communication related to a transaction resides in a password protected Site-User account and is identified by a unique number.

Intentions and Limitations
This Site provides insight and opinion on the topic of Workers Compensation (WC) claims and related issues. This Site operates under the express intention that no shared information identifies any specific previous, current, pending or potential claim or legal action that might exist anywhere. Where This Site communicates with any Site-User in the course of operations and services, any names or descriptive information in said communications are considered hypothetical and/or created simply for purposes of framing a question or situation to provoke an informed, albeit generalized, response from This Site. All ClaimAnswer transactions are identifiable only by a unique number assigned by This Site. This Site does not intend to, and seeks to avoid any requirement to, respond to any query, legal discovery, summons, petition or other action from any outside party or court request that might assert any discoverability upon any Site-User communication. As such, This Site reserves the right to refund Site-User fees for an individual transaction in full and delete any Site-User communication without any response where This Site feels discoverability might be apparent based on the Site-User communication.

All communications related to all ClaimAnswer transactions remain secure and are never intended to be disclosed publically. Such communications reside in password protected Site-User accounts.

This Site provides limited informational services to Site-Users on the topic of WC claims. Information provided is limited to generalized insight and opinion and is based on a limited hypothetical or non-case-specific background as provided via the “ClaimAnswer” questionnaire or other communications in the transaction process. This Site DOES NOT provide complete comprehensive advice as solely and/or primarily applicable to the management, direction or action of any single WC claim situation. This Site does not provide legal advice, medical advice, financial advice or risk management advice in the strict definition of those terms as related to a specific WC claim or Site-User operation or insurance program. Actual professional advice of these types as specifically applicable to any individual claims or related situations must be sought from respective professionals in the context of the full engagement of said professional with full knowledge of said claim or situation. Such “actual professional advice” is well beyond the cost and scope of the more simple informational and supportive services This Site intends to provide.

What This Site Intends To Provide
This Site intends to provide Site-Users with insight and opinions from qualified industry experts, and the intended use of this information for Site-Users is limited to supporting their roles in managing claim situations in concert with Site-Users’ professionally engaged and obligated vendors and entities that are ultimately responsible for related WC claim decisions, activity, and actions.

Answer Team Confidentiality
The identity of all industry experts affiliated with This Site as members of the “Answer Team” will remain confidential. Communication in the form of responses to Site-Users will not include any identification by name or general biographical reference of the Answer Team member. This Site’s network of affiliated Answer Team members can change at any time and includes retired as well as active industry experts otherwise engaged in activities and careers, all of whom require confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts. Site-Users can not specify or request a specific Answer Team member for any site activity. Site-Users may not disclose knowledge or suspicion of the identity of any Answer Team member. This Site purposely strives to maintain Site-User confidentiality as well as Answer Team confidentiality as a cornerstone in maintaining high integrity and objectivity in the services This Site provides. The sanctity of confidentiality among the Answer Team members as well as Site-Users is what allows This Site to provide candid, objective and valuable information services at small scale and unlike any other industry source.

Appropriate media outlets or industry organizations may request to know actual Answer Team identities solely for the purpose of publically verifying the validity and strength of This Sight’s Answer Team as a general assertion and without disclosure of the personal individual identities. Allowance of this is solely at the discretion of This Site upon request of the entity and requires strict vetting of the requestor and would require execution of legal protections against improper and unintended disclosure as well as various other steps and approvals not detailed herein.

Separate agreements between This Site and Answer Team members include assertions that Answer Team members not disclose any identities or suspected identities of Site-Users or other Answer Team members or any information related to any communications as part of ClaimAnswer transactions.

Site-User Accounts and Transactions
Site-Users who simply visit This Site to review/read materials need not create an account, however any Site-User who does create an account to transact ClaimAnswer services asserts that they are over the age of 18, that the limited information provided as part of registration is correct and will be maintained and corrected as necessary, and that password and account access provided to the Site-User is to be kept secure and not to be transferred to anyone nor to be made public. Site-Users who transact services will provide valid methods of payment which they are authorized to use as prompted by This Site’s “cash-register” or “check-out” function. Site-Users will not cancel payment transactions with their financial sources but will proceed with any refund requests as provided via This Site’s refund process. This Site will allow refunds for various reasons and customer dissatisfactions. This Site’s goal is for complete Site-User satisfaction and appreciation of value in the services provided, and intends to refund legitimately dissatisfied Site-Users. As part of refund processing, This Site will delete all communication relative to the specific ClaimAnswer transaction in question.

Ownership and Use of Site and Content
This Site owns all content herein, including any publically visible content along with any content securely held in Site-User accounts. This Site owns all logos and slogans whether or not indicated by Trade Mark or Service Mark. Written information including blog/newsletter posts are copyright protected. The only exceptions to this are advertiser logos, advertiser slogans, and advertiser information within defined advertisement space as is visible on This Site.

No content on This Site, visible or held in Site-User accounts, can be re-published, made public by any other means, summarized, aggregated, refined, re-designed or reconfigured in any derivative fashion or form whatsoever nor distributed by any other means. No Site-User, person or entity can use automated technologies, “robots” or methods to scan/pick/scrape/aggregate/ or other means to collect information from This Site for any purpose. No Site-User, person or entity can use any content from This Site for any other retail or commercial purpose. No Site-User, person or entity can use This Site for purposes of causing harm or harassment to anyone or any entity. This Site controls and owns all content herein pursuant to all related “proprietary property” provisions and/or laws as may be applicable including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret protections.

Publication or use of This Site’s publically visible content by any party is only permitted based on formal permission as granted by an officer of This Site. In no situation ever will This Site grant permission to release Site-User account information or individual ClaimAnswer details as held in Site-User accounts.

Any non-compliance with Terms of Use herein can result in terminating a Site-User account including de-activating access and deleting all information on all ClaimAnswer transactions therein. Any criminal or malicious misuse of This Site can result in referral for prosecution or legal remedies as may apply.

Disclaimers and Indemnification
Site-Users retain all risk from any direct or indirect or incidental problems, damages, or issues directly or indirectly related to use of, or the inability to use, This Site due to problems or interruptions to service, or damages due to viruses or malware or other cyber-attacks, or any problematic issues or eventualities of any kind. This Site is delivered/available on an “as-is” basis with no warrantee that all portions are functional or accessible at all times, or that all information is accurate or operation is defect-free or that any such problems will be addressed in a timeframe or manner other than what This Site deems as reasonable if ever. This Site is not liable for any damages issues or problems related to any third party or advertiser or entity that may purport some affiliation, accurately or not, with This Site. This Site is not responsible for any Site-User experience, or content or problems or damages that may be associated with clicking third-party links associated with or unknowingly residing in This Site. This Site and all affiliated companies and individuals are held harmless against all claims or damages and attorney fees directly or indirectly associated with use of This Site. Limit of consideration for dissatisfaction of Site-Users is the cost of the particular single ClaimAnswer transaction as per This Site’s refund process.

Site-Users agree to hold This Site and all affiliated companies and individuals harmless against any and all claims, including attorney fees, for costs or damages to any third party bringing action arising from or related to a Site-User’s use of This Site.

Jurisdiction and Severability
The State of Connecticut jurisdiction governs these Terms of Use and any legal filings or actions concerning This Site will be filed in the State of Connecticut. Should any portion of this agreement not be enforced or found unenforceable by statute or by court decision, this will not void the entire remainder of this agreement. This agreement along with the privacy policy constitutes the entirety of terms applying to Site-Users and This Site.

This Site’s terms of use are subject to change at any time, possibly without formal notification to Site-Users, therefore Site-Users are asked to please refer to these terms regularly.